we value fun!

Working at metro’s other woman® never seems to get boring or unenjoyable. We pride ourselves in having a relaxed and fun, yet efficient and driven atmosphere. Check out how we like to have fun, while getting the job done! You like to have a little fun, don’t ya? At metro’s other woman® we are paving the way for having the most fun while working! Our company culture is strong with seeing who can out do the latest selfie, make up the best costume, or freestyle a rap. Of course ~ we pride ourselves in being highly efficient and driven, but we also strive to create a highly balanced atmosphere. Who says you can joke, be silly, relax a little? It’s more than just numbers, retention, accomplishme

1st field day

What an incredible day May 2, 2015 was. It will certainly go down in Metro’s Other Woman® history, for it was our inaugural Field Day. Our two oldest offices, Raleigh and Charlotte met in Gibsonville, NC (just outside of Greensboro) in a beautiful park, right slam in the middle of the country. Nearly half of our staff from the two offices attended and the weather was just perfect! The mission: to seek out the Ultimate Diva Champion. Have a laugh and check out some highlights from the day! Our Raleigh team. We started our day with a t-shirt decorating contest…DIY at its best! Each staff member was given a cotton t-shirt, a pair of scissors and a sharpie. Their mission was to customize their t

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