home detailing checklist

Warmer weather is approaching! What a perfect time to open up the windows and let spring’s freshness into your home, switch out your bedding, or perhaps update your seasonal decor. It’s also a perfect time to give your home a thorough home detailing treatment. What’s better than coming into your home knowing that everything is clean, fresh & rejuvenated? Even those nitty gritty spots that don’t always get attention during your a normal cleaning? I know, for me, when my home has been thoroughly cleaned, one of the benefits is feeling more relaxed in my home and getting a better night’s sleep knowing that I’m in a pristine environment. {Bonus: home detailing can be a great workout too! Put on

personal assistants - how they can help

Personal assistants can be a great gateway into making your life easier. Here are a few common personal assistant types that may help you narrow your search: - House Manager (Personal Assistant) - Real Estate Personal Assistant - Athlete Personal Assistant - Concierge - Celebrity Personal Assistant - Real Estate Personal - Assistant - Office Assistant / Personal Assistant - Administrative Personal Assistant - Executive Assistant - Life Coach / Personal Assistant When you hire a personal assistant, they can help you with a variety of tasks. Making known your expectations is key in developing a good relationship with your personal assistant. Here are a few common tasks that are asso

when a business assistant is necessary

Whether and entrepreneur, corporate executive or professional athlete, there are going to be moments when you wonder how you are going to get it all done. Your reputation may rely solely on the fact that you deliver a quality product or service on a deadline. Here are some dead giveaways that you need an assistant: Missing the Deadline If you’ve ever missed a deadline, you know how terrible it is to break the news to your client or boss. Even if they are understanding, repeated instances can really soil your reputation. Control Some of us are control freaks. While a certain project may be your baby, don’t let your control issues get in the way of quality and timeliness. Late Nights If you’re

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