Sarah Benken

She's the over-the-top thinker, our visionary who breathes the metro's other woman® brand.  She even sports a tattoo of the logo on her wrist! She's passionate about people and making solid connections.

She's our Founder, Sarah. 

Michael Foushee

He's our gentile giant, towering over everyone at 6'5, that brings balance to the team.  He is patient and is a business development genius. Around the office, they call him The Godfather. 

He's our co-founder, Michael

they've got a pretty awesome story: here's how it all got started

Late 2008:

a magical idea was born

The really early days

Michael's Brilliant Idea

Time to Expand and Document

Refine and Grow

 A maverick from birth, Sarah has always been a go-getter and a goal smasher.  Naturally business savvy, Sarah achieved high level positions in accounting and business management early on.  However, she was never quite fulfilled working for someone else.  She needed to be her own boss and year after year that urge grew.   This set the stage for what may have been the most monumental conversation of her life.

During one of Sarah and her mother's routine gab sessions, her mother mentioned that she always wanted to run errands for other people and make a business out of it.  Sarah found this interesting and so the seed was planted. Within days, Sarah envisioned a concept that involved more than just running errands for people.  To achieve the work-life balance people desire, Sarah would go on to create a company whose services would fulfill any time-suck, personal or business.  The original, Triangle’s Other Woman was born, a one stop shop for life’s little demands.   It took on like wild fire.
So where does Michael come in, you ask?  Well the stars definitely aligned to cross the paths of this dynamic duo.  A few months into the business, Sarah knew Michael was unfulfilled in his career.  It took very little to twist Michael’s arm, appeal to his entrepreneurial spirit, and join Sarah in developing “The Other Woman” concept.
Early on, their days were spent out in the field, fulfilling services right along their staff.  That’s right, they cleaned toilets, scrubbed down kitchens, walked dogs, worked events, and much more. Their evenings were spent grinding in a basement office.  Michael’s forte was developing HR processes and drafting other vital policies and procedures, while Sarah focused on marketing and sales.  

Sarah’s goal was to create a household name in the Raleigh area (also known locally as the Triangle), but Michael believed the brand could become a leader in national markets.  This time it was Sarah that took very little convincing.  After several pow-wow sessions and tons of ideas for a uniform name, metro's other woman® , planted their 2nd location in Charlotte, North Carolina, about 2.5 hours away from Raleigh.    

Charlotte was a perfect platform to test how the brand would be received in a metropolitan market.   What took only a few months to build in Raleigh took nearly two years build in Charlotte!  One reason may have been that only a few months post-Charlotte launch, Michael took a step back in his role to pursue his aspiration of becoming an attorney.  He entered law school in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011. 

Bearing the weight of the day-to-day operations on her own was tough.  Sarah learned a great deal during this time. She often jokes that she feels she has a PHD in entrepreneurship now.  In fact, during this time, Sarah refined all internal processes, built upon the infrastructure Michael developed, and created the Licensing Program for aspiring business owners who wanted to bring metro's other woman®  to a city of their choosing.

Sarah’s goal is to expand the metro's other woman®  brand to 50 locations within the next 10 years.  She just recently organized the MOW Advisory Board, which is a group of seasoned professionals brought together to identify and vet potential licensees.  

Every now and then, Michael and Sarah kick back with a glass of champagne and relive the old days of hustling hard. Team members from all around enjoy their stories and appreciate working for a company where its leaders know what it is like to be in the trenches.  Sarah and Michael will tell you that the early days are what shaped the culture of the brand today. 

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A few mentionables.....
  • Winner of Fortyunder40 Award

  • Winner of 50 Best Places to Work

  • Named Mom of the Week by Charlotte Observer

  • Named 2016 Faces of Raleigh

  • Featured Speaker for Phoenix Start Up Week

  • Regular guests on the Fox 46 Morning Show

  • Published in over 30 print publications nationwide



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